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Day: September 10, 2015

Miette Hot Springs Resort: “Greek restaurant near Miette Hot Springs”

We had lunch and dinner in this lovely Greek restaurant by Miette Hot Springs Bungalows. What makes this place great is the lovely terrace with lots of flowers, the great Greek food and the friendly service.

At lunch I ordered a tuna sandwich and my friend went for a shut burger. The waitress made a mistake, I ordered salad with my sandwich but in place thereof I got french fries. I didn’t mind too much, so I didn’t complain. The fries were great. The sandwich also. Really loved the tuna spread with lots of tuna.

While we were enjoying our lunch we saw lots of wild goats just casually strolling around the terrace. We could approach them up till one meter. A very special attraction for our lunch.

We had enjoyed our lunch so much that we returned for dinner. I had the dinner suggestion, the moussaka en my boyfriend went for the chicken souvlaki. Both dishes were excellent. Best moussaka I’ve had in a long while. Lovely to see how this restaurant brings those lovely Greek specialties to Canada.

O yeah, I also ordered a strawberry margarita. An absolute delight! My friend tried out Greek beer.

Miette Hot Springs Resort, Range Road 275A, Jasper, Jasper National Park, Alberta T0E 1E0, Canada

Stayed July 2015. You can find my review about Miette Hot Springs Resort also on TripAdvisor.

Astoria Hotel: “Disappointing hotel”

I’m very sorry to say this, but I really didn’t like my stay in Astoria Hotel. The room was small and dark, the bed was decked with linnen and an old fashioned bedcover with bears on it, the furniture was made of heavy wood, not my style, but I can imagine this was the ‘rustique’ feel this hotel was going for. I really don’t mind small rooms, we had enough room to fit in our two big suitcases. I do mind when a bathroom isn’t clean, as was the case in this hotel. There were hairs on the floor, some mould in the bathtub (a jacuzzi which we paid for, but of course didn’t use because of that) and some leftover hairs stuck to the wall from a previous customer. No idea how long those hairs had been there, but we stayed for tree nights as did the hairs. Since those hairs were long and a very dark brown colour, I’m sure those weren’t accidentally mine, as I am a light blonde myself.

Wifi was working so so. Sometimes it worked fine, other times you had to wait for ages before you could connect to the acces point, or you just couldn’t connect at all. We were in the middle of Jasper Town, so there really is no excuse for the wifi not working properly.

There is no elevator in the building, so you have to carry your luggage up te stairs.

Worst of all was the way the airconditioning was set up. The outside connection of the system was fixed through the window. You couldn’t close the window because the suction pipe from the airco was blocking the window. If you wanted to close the window you had to remove the pipe, but then you couldn’t use the airco anymore (and when the sun was on the building it got hot really fast). Sleeping with the window open really wasn’t an option, because of all the noise.

We slept in front of the building, so we heard absolutely everything: honking cars, driving cars, noise from the pubs and restaurants, talking people and the worst: the dreadful, horribly loud noises of the nearby trains. It was terrible. Even with the window closed you could hear almost everything. But that’s not a surprise, knowing the windows consisted of only one layer of glass. It is a mystery to me why this hotel doesn’t invest in a proper airconditioning system and some good isolation.

Astoria Hotel, 404 Connaught Drive, Jasper, Jasper National Park, Alberta T0E 1E0, Canada

Stayed July 2015. You can find my review about Astoria Hotel also on TripAdvisor. My scores: sleep quality 1/5, cleanliness 1/5, service 3/5.

Miette Hot Springs: “Relaxing in the hot tubs after a day of hiking”

This place is ideal to soak in the hot pools after a long day of hiking, surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains of Jasper National Park. The pools have different temperatures and if you need to, you can cool of in the (very) cold pools.

Entrance fee is low. There are individual changing cubicles and lockers to store your stuff in. The changing area could be cleaner, but that’s my only complaint.

Miette Hot Springs, Miette Rd, Jasper National Park, Alberta T0E 1E0, Canada
+1 780-866-3939

Visited July 2015. You can find my review about Miette Hot Springs also on TripAdvisor.