Lovely hotel with nice lobby, clean rooms and very friendly staff. The location is convenient: walking distance from the station. The breakfast en dinner buffet in the Lilas restaurant are both excellent. While we were having dinner in the Lilas Restaurant we got evacuated because of a bomb threat. The staff were really helpful in explaining to us what was happening in English and they stayed calm and professional throughout the ordeal, handing out towels to elder people and baby’s to keep them warm. A lovely lady came by us ever so often to give us an update of the situation, because all the communication by the police was in Japanese. We got our dinner ánd breakfast for free and got a nice parting gift as compensation.

Would definitely recommend this hotel.

Art Hotel Asahikawa
6 Chome 7 Jodori
Hokkaido Prefecture 070-0037
+81 166-25-8811

Stayed September 2012. You can find my review about ART HOTEL Asahikawa also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, location 4/5, sleep quality 5/5, rooms 4/5, cleanliness 4/5, service 5/5.