We ended up in this restaurant because of a Groupon deal. The Groupon deal claimed that for only 30 euro you would get a Japanese meal for two persons worth 73 euro. That’s one hell of a deal. To good to be true? Of course it was!

The interior of the restaurant isn’t much to speak of. They try to create an oriental feeling in which they more of less succeed, but the room is very dark.

We started of well enough with basic miso soup which was fine. The sushi boat, supposedly worth 73 euro, looked ok, but the sushi was really terrible. The rice was super dry and the little fish served, chewy and not that fresh. There were only four pieces of nigiri sushi on the boat and the sashimi was nowhere to be found. This boat was at best worth 30 euro. Nowhere near the 73 euro we were promised (which I didn’t expected, it’s Groupon afterall). The sushi rolls were very clumsy made and not at all refined. I had to drink lots of water to swallow the sushi, because it was so dry.

As an avid sushi lover, I was appalled. Possibly people using the groupon deal will have their first sushi experience in this restaurant and will think this is the real deal. One advice: skip this restaurant all together.

A plus: the girl who served us was very friendly.

Zuki Sushi, Sint-Paulusplaats 21, Antwerp 2000, Belgium
+32 489 33 43 55

Visited September 2013. You can find my review about Zuki Sushi also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 2/5, atmosphere 3/5, service 4/5, food 1/5.