We arrived at the hotel on a sunny afternoon in July. Firts impression in the hallway where our room was located, that is was very hot. In our room it was also very hot. We immediately checked the heating in our room and noticed the heating in the bathroom was very hot although it was turned off completely.

We called reception to ask how we could turn it off. The guy at reception was very kind and came up to our room to address the problem. Since it seemed impossible to turn the heating off, he asked maintenance to come and fix it. We opened all the windows to get the temperature down. After a while we got a call back from reception that maintenance wouldn’t be able to come by untill the next day (we were only staying for one night). He did offer us a different room though, but with the open windows it was ok for us.

Wifi in this hotel was absolutely terrible. We were unable to even surf, let alone upload some pictures. Better to tell your customers you don’t have any wifi than to get them frustrated about it not working.

We had a room with a shared balcony, which means you can have other guests appearing at your window. So make sure to close the curtains before taking a shower. The room felt a little dated also.

Breakfast was nice, lots of option to choose from.

The elevator was tiny. Just possible to fit four persons in there, without any luggage.

Fosshotel Husavik, Ketilsbraut 22, Husavik 640, Iceland

Stayed July 2014. You can find my review about Fosshotel Husavik also on TripAdvisor. My scores: location 5/5, sleep quality 3/5, service 4/5.