Hotel Edda is located right next to the Botanic Gardens of Akureyri. Those gardens are definitely worth strolling through. Very beautiful en ideal for a picnic.

Our room in hotel Edda was spacious en clean. We even had a microwave and a kitchen sink (which we did not use). Curtains were thick enough to keep the sunlight out. Sadly the beds weren’t that good. Especially the cushions were very thin and in my opinion needed to be replaced. The water in the bathroom had a very noticeable odor of sulfur, which I didn’t like very much.

Staff at reception was friendly and professional. Hotel Edda had all the comfort needed: a bar, a restaurant and a nice variety of snacks you could buy for on the road. There was no wifi in the rooms though, only in a special lounge.

I really loved the breakfast buffet. Choices were the best we’ve had during our trip in Iceland up till now. I enjoyed tasting the different kinds of skyr and I always love smoked salmon for breakfast.

Hotel Edda – Akureyri, Hrafnagilsstraeti, Akureyri 600, Iceland

Stayed July 2014. You can find my review about Hotel Edda – Akureyri also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, rooms 4/5, service 4/5.