First time my boyfriend and I went to a Korean restaurant, so we really needed some guidance in ordering. Sadly it was clear this restaurant wasn’t used to dealing with tourists. We went there for lunch and were surrounded by local workers. Which is, of course, a good sign, when locals frequent a restaurant. Our waiter didn’t provide us with much information about the dishes. He only offered one suggestion. I guess his English just wasn’t that good, but he really didn’t put much effort in helping us.

So my boyfriend choose the lunch special he recommended: the galbitang (clear beef rib soup). I went for the dduk bulgogi (beef in a pot). We decided to share the dishes so we could try both. Another waiter served our food and was kind enough to bring a large spoon and two extra bowls which made sharing easier.

After we ordered the lunch special we immediately were presented with a lot of side dishes. We really didn’t have a clue what most of the dishes were, but I can assure you, they were excellent! Our main dish was soup served in a black stone pot. Sharing was a little bit hard, because of the difficulty of transferring the glass noodles to the little bowls, but we had lots of laughs with it.

I found the galbitang not to be that great, but I really, really enjoyed the dduk bulgogi. Such a wonderful sweet soup with thin sliced meat, mushrooms and noodles. An absolute delight.

The interior of the restaurant isn’t much to speak of, but we didn’t mind: we really enjoyed this introduction in Korean cuisine.

Ju Shin Jung, 27 West Coast Highway #01-18/19, Yess Centre 1F, Singapore 117867, Singapore
+65 6464 0872

Visited March 2015. You can find my review about Ju Shin Jung also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, service 3/5, food 5/5.