You don’t find many restaurants in Belgium who serve Korean food, so I was happy to discover there was one close to the town where I grew up. We went there for a nice family dinner on a sunday evening in june. It was rather quiet in the restaurant, so we had lots of tables to choose from.

We went to sit in the back, were there was lots of light thanks to a big window in the ceiling. Staff was super friendly and offered to give some more explanation if needed.

We ordered two portions of mandu to share between four persons. The waiter kindly brought four plates so we could share without problems. Both the mandu kimchi and the mandu meat were excellent.

For the main course I ordered Japchae, noodles made from sweet potatoes with sliced beef. It was the first time I tried this dish and I really loved it!

I was a bit disappointed though that the bibimbap that my boyfriend ordered didn’t turn out to be dolsot bibimbap (served in a hot stone bowl). But he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Hanasaki also serves sushi (Korean as well as Japanese sushi). You’ll also find some Thai specialities on the menu and some teriyaki and wok dishes. Prices are affordable. A typical main course will cost you between 11 and 20 euro.

I’m still surprised to find this restaurant in this rather rural town. If you love Asian food, this is a great place to have lunch, dinner (or just order take away).

Hanasaki, Gemeenteplein 20, Lummen 3560, Belgium
+32 13 30 85 99

Visited June 2015. You can find my review about Hanasaki also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 5/5, service 5/5, food 4/5.