We (four grown ups and three children) had lunch and dinner at the Strand Cafe DOK. The Cafe is great, nice atmophere, a large bar, a big playroom and a theater room for the children. While the chilren played we could enjoy our drinks and have a nice chat. Also loved that the toilets were very clean.

The food at the cafe was really excellent. Enjoyed my carpaccio at lunch very much, but when we asked the waiter to bring some bread, it never came. A shame for sure.

Our dinner started out fine. The children got their food very quickly, but the prosecco we ordered was really terrible. We sent it back, because we thought the bottle had been open too long, because the prosecco did not contain any bubbles. The new glasses we received had exactly the same problem. Our friend went back to the bar to get new ones, but even when straight from a new bottle the prosecco was awful. We drank it, but not with pleasure. After the prosecco we ordered a carafe of wine. The wine was ok, but the glasses really weren’t clean, a turnoff, for sure. I went back to the bar to switch the glasses and it was apparent to me the girl at the bar was stressing out and couldn’t keep up with orders at all. She even broke the glass I returned.

All in all, I loved the food, but I found the service lacking. Some waiters were clearly better trained than others. I got the feeling the staff was mostly inexperienced. It is a real shame, that the service isn’t up to par with the great food.

Strand Cafe DOK, Helleweg 8, 4326 LJ Renesse, The Netherlands
+31 111 463 850

Visited May 2015. You can find my review about Strand Cafe DOK also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, service 2/5, food 4/5.