I went here for a quick lunch with colleagues. We were actually looking for a Japanese restaurant, but since that restaurant turned out to be closed, we ended up Chez Kimchi. We had seen outside that ther were lunch menu’s available, but when offered the menu we couldn’t find the lunch menu’s anywhere. We had to ask the waitress and she reluctantly gave us the lunch menu.

All of my colleages went for the lunch box, whereas I preferred the bulgogi bibimbap. After ordering we got some kimchi side dishes and our miso soup quite fast. The kimchi was ok, not the best I have ever eaten, but not terrible either.

After we had finished the miso soup we had to wait a very long time (more than 20 minutes) for our main course. We weren’t expecting that, since we had ordered the lunch menu.

The menu in itself was fine. It was a pity though that our waitress had the audacity to stirr my bibimbap for me. Really not done! The bibimbap was not spectacular, more meat and vegetables would have been nice. I liked the fact that the bibimbap was served in a hot stone bowl. All in all, the lunch menu is a cheap option, so no complaining here.

The lunch box my colleagues ordered actually looked nicer than the bibimbap, so perhaps I’ll try this next time. I do hope the service will improve though.

Chez Kimchi, Rue de la Fourche 6, Brussels 1000, Belgium
+32 2 203 92 80

Visited October 2015. You can find my review about Chez Kimchi also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, service 2/5, food 3/5.