Trainworld is a brand new museum in Schaarbeek, only a short train ride away from the center of Brussels. The museum is located in and right next to the old train station of Schaarbeek.

I have to say visiting this place was a true delight. Train lovers will have to visit more than once, because there is just so much to take in. But honestly, this museum is for everyone: children, adults, everyone will have a lovely time visiting this museum. Of course the beautiful trains are the master pieces of this museum, but much attention is paid to telling the story of how the railroads developed in Belgium. You’ll learn more about the train mechanisms, the tracks, the signaling and much more

Since the museum is new, it seems to me there can be made some small improvements. The tickets are just a white piece of paper. Why not print a photo of one of the gorgeous trains on it, so people can keep the ticket as a souvenir? The wait for the train simulator was also too long. Of course every kid would want to drive a train. Just invest in two more stimulators and the waiting lines will decrease. And lastly, it would be nice if more operating cabins of the locomotives would be open to visit. All those instruments are really impressive to look at.

But really, those are just suggestions. I really enjoyed my visit and will make sure to visit again in the future.

Train World, Place Princesse Elisabeth 5 1030 Schaarbeek, Schaerbeek, Brussels 1030, Belgium
+32 2 224 74 98

Visited April 2016. You can find my review about Train World also on TripAdvisor.