Yukinii is a chain that recently opened a new restaurant in Leuven. The restaurant lies in the Brusselsestraat, a five minutes walk away from the touristic heart of Leuven. This all you can eat concept is simple but effective: you order by tablet en minutes later your order appears on your table.

The restaurant really did a great job renovating the interior. From the outside, you would never guess that such a spacious and modern restaurant is hidden behind the facade of the building. I really like the entrance with the small water fountain and the name of the restaurant in neon lights. Lovely.

Food was good, very decent for an all you can eat restaurant. My only complaint is that the sushi rolls en the nigiri sushi were a bit too big: too much rice in comparison to the filling and toppings. Due to the amount of rice you got filled up more quickly, so I understand why the cook prepares the sushi like that.

Yukinii, Brusselsestraat 118A, Leuven 3000, Belgium
+32 16 20 37 89

Visited April 2017. You can find my review about Yukinii also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 5/5, service 4/5, food 3/5.