Well, to be honest, the stay in this hotel was a slight disappointment. The staff was welcoming enough, but I found this hotel to be overpriced (more than 160 euro for one night without breakfast). What put me off the most was the terrible stench in the hallway. Seems like Kaboom Hotel has a problem with there drainage system. Not pleasant at all. Luckily the stench wasn’t noticeable in the rooms themselves or I would have to had switched hotels.

The way the rooms were decorated didn’t appeal to me that much. Kitsch is the word I would use to describe it. But that is personal preference of course. I have to say that the beds were really good and the bathroom was impeccable. The shower was very clean and very comfortable. Only minor issue: the shower door couldn’t be fully closed, so the floor of the bathroom got wet when taking a shower.

I actually don’t think I will stay here again.

Kaboom Hotel
Stationsplein 1
6221 BT Maastricht
+31 43 325 3340

Stayed July 2017. You can find my review about Kaboom Hotel also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 3/5, location 5/5, service 4/5.