An evening at 3 star restaurant Hertog Jan is surely something special. We started our evening with a friendly welcome from a nice young lady who offered us a refreshing lemonade. We got the chance to go for a walk in the garden. An opportunity we took with both hands. How often can you enjoy a walk in the garden of a 3 star restaurant? The garden is huge and very well organized. We were looking forward to try all of the fresh produce.

The interior of the restaurant is very chic with big windows looking out on the garden. There is lots of room so you won’t be bothered by the other clients in the restaurant.

Service was as could be expected from a restaurant like this. Very professional, but a little bit too perfect to my taste. I honestly always find it a little bit silly when the waiters fold your napkin for you when you are off to the bathroom. They also placed a little stool by my chair for a handbag. Since I hadn’t a handbag with me, it was ideal to place my phone on. 😉

Food was very good, but somehow not as exceptional as I was expecting. Every plate was dressed with a lot of care and gorgeous to look at. I did find some of the dishes overly complicated. And I have to say I was honestly disappointed by the amount of salt and sauce suppressing the lovely taste of the wonderful wagyu beef. Beef like that can shine on itself.

With each course we had a lovely glass of wine included in the menu, but we never got a refill. The dessert wine was not included. I do have to say that I found the price tag not totally corresponding with the food and drinks we got. Of course you pay for the name of the restaurant also.

All in all we had a very delicious evening.

HERTOG JAN, Loppemsestraat 52 Zedelgem, Bruges 8210, Belgium
+32 50 67 34 46

Visited October 2015. You can find my review about HERTOG JAN also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 3/5, service 5/5, food 4/5.