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Grand Place: “Prachtig historisch stadscentrum”

Een must see voor elke toerist die Brussel bezoekt. De moeite in elk jaargetijde. Tijdens de kerstperiode kan je genieten van de prachtige klank- en lichtshow. De prachtige panden zijn een ware lust voor het oog (en voor elke amateurfotograaf).

Grand Place, Brussels, Brussels 1000, Belgium
00 32 (0)2 279 43 65

Visited December 2015. You can find my review about Grand Place also on TripAdvisor.

D’ Achtste Zaligheid: “Heerlijke feestmaaltijd”

Wij hadden het geluk om uitgenodigd te zijn voor een verjaardagsfeest in de feestzaal van D’Achtste Zaligheid. Wat een fantastische ervaring! Het eten was uitstekend, de wijn geweldig en het gezelschap zeer aangenaam. Ik was vooral een fan van de zeewolf met zeekraal. Heerlijk! En ook de hertenkalfsteak was uitstekend. Jammer dat ik aan het einde van de maaltijd niet meer genoeg plek had om het dessert weg te werken.

Zeer fijne kennismaking met dit restaurant.

D’ Achtste Zaligheid, Poederleese Weg 111, Lille 2275, Belgium
+32 14 88 28 89

Visited December 2015. You can find my review about D’ Achtste Zaligheid also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, service 4/5, food 4/5.

HERTOG JAN: “Very good, but not exceptional”

An evening at 3 star restaurant Hertog Jan is surely something special. We started our evening with a friendly welcome from a nice young lady who offered us a refreshing lemonade. We got the chance to go for a walk in the garden. An opportunity we took with both hands. How often can you enjoy a walk in the garden of a 3 star restaurant? The garden is huge and very well organized. We were looking forward to try all of the fresh produce.

The interior of the restaurant is very chic with big windows looking out on the garden. There is lots of room so you won’t be bothered by the other clients in the restaurant.

Service was as could be expected from a restaurant like this. Very professional, but a little bit too perfect to my taste. I honestly always find it a little bit silly when the waiters fold your napkin for you when you are off to the bathroom. They also placed a little stool by my chair for a handbag. Since I hadn’t a handbag with me, it was ideal to place my phone on. 😉

Food was very good, but somehow not as exceptional as I was expecting. Every plate was dressed with a lot of care and gorgeous to look at. I did find some of the dishes overly complicated. And I have to say I was honestly disappointed by the amount of salt and sauce suppressing the lovely taste of the wonderful wagyu beef. Beef like that can shine on itself.

With each course we had a lovely glass of wine included in the menu, but we never got a refill. The dessert wine was not included. I do have to say that I found the price tag not totally corresponding with the food and drinks we got. Of course you pay for the name of the restaurant also.

All in all we had a very delicious evening.

HERTOG JAN, Loppemsestraat 52 Zedelgem, Bruges 8210, Belgium
+32 50 67 34 46

Visited October 2015. You can find my review about HERTOG JAN also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 3/5, service 5/5, food 4/5.

De Roestelberg: “Middelmatig eten, leuk kader”

Een teleurstelling, deze brasserie. De zaak zelf is nochtans zeer stemmig ingericht, al vond ik het er wel wat donker. Het feit dat een café dat uitpakt met zijn uitgebreide bieraanbod, mensen achter de toog zet die duidelijk geen kaas gegeten hebben van een goeie pint bier tappen (het uiteinde van de tapkraan mag nooit of te nimmer in contact komen met het bier in het glas!) pleit echter niet meteen in hun voordeel. De bierliefhebbers in ons gezelschap waren oprecht verontwaardigd.

Daar staat tegenover dat het personeel erg kindvriendelijk is. De kinderen kregen meteen een tekening en kleurpotloden aangeboden om de wachttijd te overbruggen. Het personeel vond het ook niet erg dat onze sociale kleuter haar tekening kwam laten zien.

Het eten zelf is op zijn beste middelmatig te noemen. Mijn risotto met paddenstoelen, en parmezaan was best lekker, al vond ik de combinatie met de zoete balsamicosaus een beetje vreemd. De Russische pannenkoek die onze vriend bestelde, zag er dan weer helemaal niet smakelijk uit. De saus leek ook niet echt vers. Voor ketchup moesten we dan weer extra betalen.

We zijn er alleszins geen tweede keer gaan eten.

De Roestelberg, Roestelbergseweg 2, 5171 RL Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands
+31 416 333 079

Visited November 2015. You can find my review about De Roestelberg also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 3/5, service 4/5, food 3/5.

Boomgalows De Roestelberg: “Great place to stay with children”

Very nice bungalows with everything you need. The kitchen is very well equipped (although the fridge didn’t cool enough to our taste), the shower is great and the living room is very cory. The wooden interior with visible beams and a real stove made us feel right at home. This place is ideal to stay with children. There is a lovely playground right in front of the boomgalows where they can play for hours.

The location is also great: nearby the amusement park The Efteling and only a couple of meters away from the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, a spectacular nature reserve with beautiful white sand.

My only complaint is that I slept very poorly in this bungalow: you could hear almost every noice form the outside (the rain on the roof, the owls in the trees and even the baby crying in another bungalow). The beds weren’t that good either and the pillows were too tick and too hard. Really a pity, I must say.

Boomgalows De Roestelberg, Roestelbergseweg 2, 5171 RL Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands

Stayed November 2015. You can find my review about Boomgalows De Roestelberg also on TripAdvisor. My scores: sleep quality 2/5, rooms 5/5, service 5/5.

B&B ‘t Lof Der Kruiden: “Lovely B&B with great breakfast”

This is really an exceptional B&B. We stayed here for one night with friends, so we had the whole house (yes, you not only get a room, you get a whole house) for ourselves. We loved relaxing in the sofa with a glass of wine and walking throught the lovely herb garden.

The rooms are beautiful and very clean. The shower was very nice and modern. My only (minor) complaint was the bed, which was too hard for me. It was a nice feature that you could adjust the bed, but I would have prefered a better mattress. The house also had a small sauna for two persons, which we didn’t try, but looked very nice.

The host was super friendly and really knew everything there is to know about herbs. I especially enjoyed the home made shampoo and shower gel with herbs from the garden. Really lovely to use such wonderful products made with love and care.

Breakfast was something else. Fresh bread and pastries, juice, home made jams, charcuterie, cheese, yoghurt and to top this the most beautifully decorated egg with bacon. Our host had picked some lovely edible flowers and herbs from the garden to decorate our breakfast.

We really had a great stay here. I would definitely come back!

B&B ‘t Lof Der Kruiden, Kloosterstraat 64, Zedelgem 8210, Belgium

Stayed October 2015. You can find my review about B&B ‘t Lof Der Kruiden also on TripAdvisor. My scores: sleep quality 3/5, cleanliness 5/5, service 5/5.

Arigato Sushi: “Average at best”

I personally love Japanese cuisine, so I have to say, this restaurant was somewhat of a disappointment. My boyfriend and I had lunch here. We chose the all you can eat formula, which perhaps should have been a red flag.

I was drawn to the udon noodles on the menu, but instead I got ramen which I highly suspected to just be some instant noodle preparation. A no no in a decent restaurant. Udon is not ramen, don’t think you can fool me on this part.

The nigiri sushi were ok, but the fish was really thin. My boyfriend also found a fish bone in one of his rolls. Our hunger was stilled and it was cheap, but to be honest, we expected more from this meal.

Arigato Sushi, 1395 Hillside Dr, Kamloops, British Columbia V2E 2R7, Canada
+1 250-314-1185

Visited July 2015. You can find my review about Arigato Sushi also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, service 3/5, food 3/5.

Chez Kimchi: “A nice lunch, but slow service”

I went here for a quick lunch with colleagues. We were actually looking for a Japanese restaurant, but since that restaurant turned out to be closed, we ended up Chez Kimchi. We had seen outside that ther were lunch menu’s available, but when offered the menu we couldn’t find the lunch menu’s anywhere. We had to ask the waitress and she reluctantly gave us the lunch menu.

All of my colleages went for the lunch box, whereas I preferred the bulgogi bibimbap. After ordering we got some kimchi side dishes and our miso soup quite fast. The kimchi was ok, not the best I have ever eaten, but not terrible either.

After we had finished the miso soup we had to wait a very long time (more than 20 minutes) for our main course. We weren’t expecting that, since we had ordered the lunch menu.

The menu in itself was fine. It was a pity though that our waitress had the audacity to stirr my bibimbap for me. Really not done! The bibimbap was not spectacular, more meat and vegetables would have been nice. I liked the fact that the bibimbap was served in a hot stone bowl. All in all, the lunch menu is a cheap option, so no complaining here.

The lunch box my colleagues ordered actually looked nicer than the bibimbap, so perhaps I’ll try this next time. I do hope the service will improve though.

Chez Kimchi, Rue de la Fourche 6, Brussels 1000, Belgium
+32 2 203 92 80

Visited October 2015. You can find my review about Chez Kimchi also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, service 2/5, food 3/5.

Mesa Luna: “Nice place, average food”

We had lunch at Mesa Luna on a lovely summer day. We really enjoyed the terrace. Eating outside is always a plus for me. Staff was friendly and the food was ok.

My smoked pulled pork sandwich was fine, although I didn’t like the bun that came with the porc. I have to say I was disappointed by the three leaves of salad and the four slices of pickle on the side. The fries that came with my boyfriend’s bacon cheddar burger were way too salty. The duck that my friend ordered looked nice, though.

Really loved the glass of Charles and Charles rosé I ordered. A lovely drink on a hot summer’s day.

The restaurant is family friendly. It was no problem at all to bring a kids’ chair.

Mesa Luna, 12868 Red Arrow Hwy, Sawyer, MI 49125-9173
+1 269-426-4878

Visited August 2015. You can find my review about Mesa Luna also on TripAdvisor. My scores: value 4/5, service 4/5, food 3/5.

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum: “Great place to visit with children”

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect from this museum. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Really interesting museum with lots of information. Really childfriendly also. Loved the little raincoats for the children playing in the water section. The huge insects were very impressive. And of course the butterflies were dreamy.

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 2430 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 60614-2874
+1 773-755-5100

Visited August 2015. You can find my review about The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum also on TripAdvisor.

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